OT Data Transmission and Cybersecurity Leader

Are you looking for a company to take care of the security and functionality of your critical communication systems? We are experts in OT networks, their cybersecurity and related training. We can help your company with designing, configuring and deploying an industrial network, we can also share our competencies and knowledge needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

We are Tekniska – technology is a part of our DNA.

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At Tekniska, we are all about trust, which requires two factors: a partnership-based approach and the quality offered to customers in every aspect of our work.

Zuzanna Wieczorek

Business objectives

We choose the right technology and solutions to the specific project. Tell us more about your needs and we will help you meet your business and technical goals.

  1. OT and IT network integration

    These days, more and more machines are connected and exchange data, all while users expect being able to access their information right away. This means that the systems need to be flexible, and the data need to always be up-to-date. By ensuring synergy between your IT and operations departments, your company will address these needs, resulting in a competitive advantage.

  2. Building competencies concerning industrial networks and cybersecurity

    Do you need to build your team's competencies in industrial networking and OT/ICS cybersecurity? We will be happy to share our knowledge of industrial networks in Tekniska Academy, as well as OT/ICS in the CyberTek Academy

  3. Selecting technologies, solutions and tools

    Do you have problems with choosing the right technology and solutions? We will analyse your needs, carry out a feasibility study and help you choose the best tools.

  4. Network modernisation

    Do you want or need to upgrade your network according to specific criteria? We will prepare and carry out the entire process for you.

  5. Expense optimisation and outsourcing

    Do you want to cut costs and expenses? We will help you optimise your implementation, maintenance and service expenses. We can also support you by outsourcing our competencies.

  6. Compliance with the National Cybersecurity System

    Do you need to ensure compliance of your infrastructure with the Act on the National Cybersecurity System or any other regulations related to cybersecurity? Perhaps you need to develop and implement security policies for your company? We'll help you through the process.

  7. Budgeting for network and cybersecurity projects (CAPEX/OPEX)

    Do you have problems with budgeting CAPEX/OPEX for network and cybersecurity projects? Not sure what to prioritize in the context of particular investments? We will analyse your needs, opportunities, as well as business and technical risks with you and help you choose the right approach.

  8. OT/ICS network security and risk analysis

    Do you have a problem with realistic risk assessment and setting goals for your cybersecurity process implementation project? An OT/ICS network security and risk analysis will help you!

  9. Cybersecurity architecture design

    Do you want to receive a bespoke solution project made with your company and network in mind? Take advantage of our cybersecurity architecture design.

  10. Implementation of cybersecurity architecture elements

    Do you want to entrust the implementation of IDS, firewalls, data diodes and other elements of your cybersecurity architecture to specialists who can safely guide you through the process? Meet CyberTeam – our special force.

  11. SIEM integration

    Are you interested in SOC, SIEM/SOAR integration? Let's talk about the opportunities and challenges.

  12. Network administration and team training

    Are you interested in more efficient troubleshooting and OT network administration? We will help you choose a solution that meets your needs and train your team to use it.

  13. OT/ICS infrastructure cybersecurity process management

    Are you struggling with organising and managing processes related to OT/ICS infrastructure cybersecurity? We will support you in making these difficult decisions and designing your processes to meet your risk management objectives.

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Our areas of operation cover strategic market sectors – we provide products and services for systems where there is no room for error or failure, handling the process comprehensively – from design to configuration and implementation.

Rail, roads and bridges, smart cities, aero
Generation, transmission, distribution
Oil and gas, copper and coal, and more
Production control in many industries
Water and sewage
Chemical Industry
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Start with assessing your risk

Cyberattacks on industrial networks can cause serious financial losses, disrupt your systems, and even be a risk to people’s health and lives. That is why it is being increasingly noticed by boards of directors who take responsibility for managing risks in companies. Don’t let network vulnerabilities or lack of proper security lead to a critical situation and business losses. But this does not mean that you have to pick solutions at random.

Let us assess your risk by conducting a security and needs analysis so that you can make a sensible investment to effectively improve your company’s security by minimizing risks to the desired level. Protecting your assets is our priority!

Our clients:

We are Tekniska!

We connect people, machines and processes.

We want to ensure security and more efficient communication in industrial systems. In business we value ethics, loyalty and cooperation based on the win-win principle.


Tekniska founded


supported clients

When I founded the company in 2002, I wanted to define the concept of Quality in order to support our clients better than others. Quality at Tekniska means that our Help Desk staff is engaged and actively solves issues, as well as the fact that business ethics based on win-win principle is our guiding value. There is no other way to grow your business and be successful.”

Robert Wypich
CFO, Vice President

We put our most valuable resources – knowledge, support, experience and commitment of our team – at your disposal.

How can we help you?

We will help you ensure the security and functionality of your critical communication systems. Our staff and management are at your service.

Together we will achieve your business goals and support your needs.

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