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The CyberTek Tech Festival Conference was held at the Silesian Museum in Katowice from May 14-16. It was an unforgettable three days spent under the motto #EnjoyTheCyber, for which we would like to thank the participants, partners and patrons 💪 

CyberTek is a meeting that is all about substance, concrete knowledge and action. We work to ensure that the substantive content meets the current (and those that will emerge in the near future) needs of the various audiences, and our overarching goal is to create an event that builds a community of professionals in the field of cyber security of industrial networks.

Partners and Patrons of the event 

ICS4ICS, ICS Range, Cyber-Informed Engineering and ThreatGEN have become content partners of CyberTek 2023.

The event was held under the patronage of: AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Railway Transport Office, City of Katowice – Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Katowice, Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology, Silesian Voivodeship, Safe Cyberspace Foundation, Digital Competence CYBER SCIENCE,, EMT-Systems Centrum Szkoleń Inżynierskich, ISACA Katowice Chapter, ISSA Poland, CyberDefence24, ISC2Chapter Poland, Securitum, Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology, Trusted Third Party, International Society of Automation, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Krakow University of Technology, Silesia Automotive, 1793c, Faculty of Cybernetics of Jaroslaw Dabrowski Military University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Polish Information Society.

Attention to the high level of the content and supervision of the implementation of the event program was provided by the Conference Advisory Board.

The entertainment part of the conference was overseen by Cyber Bebok, who quickly became one of the most popular “participants” of the event.

About CyberTek Tech Festivalu  

The conference was interdisciplinary in nature, its attendees being primarily those with responsibility for the creation, successful implementation or execution of security programs involving industrial networks and systems.  

A total of 365 people from more than 10 countries attended the CyberTek Tech Festival and accompanying events, including:

  • representatives of critical infrastructure, persons responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the KSC law
  • senior and middle management (OT and IT team leaders)
  • technical cyber security specialists (red / blue / purple) 
  • automation engineers
  • network engineers responsible for IT/OT network architecture
  • auditors and specialists in compliance, IT/OT risk analysis and business continuity
  • cyber security and OT network enthusiasts and those who would like to steer their careers in this direction
  • representatives of suppliers of solutions and services within industrial automation and IT (OT, IT integrators)
  • students and university representatives

The main part of the Conference was complemented by side events:  

  • “Adversary Emulation for OT” workshop – conducted by Dr. Marina Krotofil (Kudelski Security) and Josa Wetzelsa (Midnight Blue),  
  • ICS Industrial Security workshop – led by Mikaela Vingaarda (ICS Range), Jensa Nielsena (ICS Range) and Piotra Urbańczyka (Tekniska),  
  • ThreatGEN red vs blue game,  
  • Before Party at Scena54 location,  
  • Cyber Party at the Królestwo club. 

The conference on May 15 was opened by Dr. Marina Krotofil, and on May 16 by Patrick C. Miller. A total of 29 lectures, 2 discussions and 29 thematic educational and discussion workshops led by conference partners were given on May 14-16. Throughout the event, the Network Playground, a technical playground under the Everything Connects banner, was also open for attendees to test industrial networking solutions such as Ethernet switches, routers, MPLS-TP, firewalls, diodes, SIEM, EDR, NMS, NAC, backup and more.

Each session was accompanied by great interest and an excellent atmosphere, with lively discussions moving from the lecture and workshop rooms to the backstage areas during breaks.

However, the CyberTek Tech Festival is not just a business event. At Tekniska, we try to make simple things meaningful, so during the conference our attendees could also take in the Cyber Bebok mascot by making a donation to a charity organization. Together we raised nearly 2,000 zlotys.


CyberTek Tech Festival 2024 resonated positively in the industry and once again provided attendees with expert knowledge in the field of OT/ICS cyber security. The high level of satisfaction with the conference is confirmed by the fact that as many as 100% of those completing the post-conference survey indicated that they were satisfied with their participation in CyberTek Tech Festival 2024, and 94% said they would like to participate next year.

The CyberTek Tech Festival also fostered collaboration among industry professionals and brought together experts and decision makers from various industries to promote the exchange of information and experience in protecting against cyber attacks and maintaining process continuity.

The conference fulfilled its purpose – it contributed to significantly raising awareness of threats and their potential impact on the security of the industrial sector and critical infrastructure in Poland, as well as providing an opportunity to assess the sources of such threats by providing participants with an agenda at a high substantive level (4.67/5 points according to survey ratings).

Tekniska CEO Zuzanna Wieczorek and her entire team are planning to hold the next edition of the CyberTek Tech Festival conference in the spring of 2025, to which all interested parties are already cordially invited. 




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